Veterinarian FAQs

What services does Whole Pet Provisions provide?

At Whole Pet Provisions, we provide nutrition plans for pets with medical conditions and/or healthy pets. 

These plans may include:

  • homemade diet formulations
  • commercial diet recommendations (therapeutic or prescription diets)
  • plans for assisted feeding (tube feeding plans)
How do I refer my clients to Whole Pet Provisions?

You have two options:


Share this website with your client directly and they can follow the steps to make a request for a nutrition consultation and register as a client. We will communicate with your client directly. 

Next, send all medical record information and lab work testing to our email:

Please include all relevant summaries from any specialists this pet has also seen.

We will ask you to approve a “Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship” VCPR form which confirms your relationship with the client and gives us permission to work with your client directly as a consultant to you. This form will be sent via email to you for easy e-sign approval.

After the consultation is completed (within 10 business days of the client’s appointment), we will send you a copy of the nutrition recommendations provided to your client via email for the pet’s medical record.


You can submit a Veterinarian Referral request for a nutrition consultation. For these requests, we will send the nutrition consultation to you directly, and you will handle all communications with the client. Please send all medical records and laboratory testing to

Turnaround time for Veterinary Referral consultations is generally 5-7 business days.

Fees for this service are outlined on our request form, and invoicing for payment will be sent to you.



Do you have clients seeking nutritional guidance, but you do not have time (or patience!) for this conversation?

I know it is difficult to squeeze in this discussion with the loaded, busy day we are all facing in veterinary medicine. This conversation can also be a difficult one to navigate as pet owners may already have strong feelings and misconceptions about pet food nutrition. The mission of Whole Pet Provisions is to assist you and your clients by providing qualified, unbiased nutritional expertise for both balanced, whole foods homemade pet food formulation, but also commercial diet selection if needed. We want to meet the pet owner where they are and provide recommendations that are appropriate for the pet within the context that they can accomplish. We can support you by handling your client’s nutrition questions!