Fee Schedule

Nutrition Consultation Appointment Options:

Nutrition Consultation Appointment with homemade diet formulation

  • (1 recipe, 1 pet):  $575 (45 min appt)

Nutrition Consultation Appointment with commercial pet food recommendations

  • (1 pet):  $575 (45 min appt)

Nutrition Consultation Appointment with homemade diet AND commercial pet food recommendations

  • (1 recipe, 1 pet): $675 (45 min appt)

Usually, we can provide some ingredient exchanges for homemade recipes, if appropriate. Additional recipes incur an additional cost – we can provide an estimate as needed.

For additional pets that will be fed the same diet and covered in same appointment:

  • Add $100 per pet for medical record review and calculation of feeding amounts. Maximum of 3 pets in one appointment (add 15 minutes per pet). If pets have different medical needs, a new consult fee will apply to create a separate nutrition plan ($100 credit if prepaid for an additional pet).

Additional formulated recipes

  • $100-$150 per recipe

What is included in the Nutrition Consultation?

The fee covers the initial nutrition consultation with up to two hours of in-depth medical record review, a phone call/ Zoom appointment with a Nutritionist (45 min), consultation with collaborative colleagues where indicated, and needed research to design/ formulate the best nutrition plan that will accommodate the medical needs and food preferences of the pet and the owner. We will also discuss appropriate treats. For homemade diet formulations, we are providing one balanced recipe, usually with possible exchanges (if appropriate for that pet). The initial consultation fee will also include follow-up email communications for the first 2 weeks after receiving the plan. If there are additional questions or emailing after this time, we will recommend scheduling a Nutrition Recheck Appointment. Charges are based on time investment. Additional time/charges may be required for correcting/balancing pre-existing recipes, research into exotic ingredients/ supplements, or extensive nutrition education for pet owners beyond the standard time allotment for a typical consultation. We offer recheck appointments to review ongoing patient progress and new lab work testing.

Therapeutic Supplement Reviews:

  • Add $275 (limit 5 supplements) – available as an ADD ON service to the Nutrition Consultation 

The initial nutrition consultation will include vitamin/mineral supplement recommendations to balance the diet; however, you may also be interested in “therapeutic” supplements – these are supplements given above and beyond the balanced diet intending to support wellness and/or manage/treat a medical condition. As an addition to any Nutrition Consultation, we will research supplements, ingredients, and dosing to optimize this for your individual pet. An additional charge for Therapeutic Supplement Reviews is applied. We do not review Traditional Chinese Herbs or Homeopathic remedies, as these are best prescribed and managed by a trained practitioner in these modalities who can directly examine your pet.

Nutrition Recheck Consultation Services (for established clients):

  • Nutrition Recheck Appointment Fee – $235 (1 pet, 30 min)
  • Annual Nutrition Recheck Consultation Fee – $425 (1 pet, 45 min), required to maintain nutrition consulting (VCPR needs re-approval)
  • Additional pets (Nutrition Recheck or Annual Appointments) Fee – $50 (add per pet, same consult appointment, add 15 min)
  • Reformulation of homemade recipe (from WPP), formulation of new recipes or revised commercial pet food plans – $100
  • Email review of updated medical records/lab testing with email communications – $50-$150

You will receive an invoice for pre-payment for your appointment and anticipated services.  Once payment and medical records are received, we will send you a link for scheduling your appointment. If additional services are requested during or after your appointment, we will send an invoice for online payment.


Email Communication Policy:

We are very thankful for the strong interest in nutrition, however, due to the high quantity of emails we receive, we have made the difficult decision to limit email communications to:

1. Consult set up and appointment management

2. Communications with referring veterinarians

3. Questions/record management with veterinary offices

4. Email support for clients for two weeks after a nutrition consultation

For all other diet questions, nutrition or medical needs, we will assess your request to see if it requires a scheduled follow-up appointment. We do our best to respond to your emails in a timely manner, however, due to our caseload and appointment hours, we do require 1-3 business days to send a response. We appreciate your patience.

Please note we do not monitor email after normal business hours, during evenings, or on weekends.

Email is a convenient way to communicate and can be effective for case management, however, our practice has grown significantly. In order to provide you and your pet the best nutrition care and dedicate appropriate time, we will require scheduled follow up to review your pet’s case progression, give opinion on updated medical records or lab testing, and to deliver advisement on ongoing nutrition needs.

If emailing is requested as a primary means of communication, we will bill appropriately for this time based on time required for case review and responding, number of emails, etc. (estimated per 15 minutes $100).

Rather than sending several emails, we suggest consolidating your questions for your next scheduled recheck appointment. If new issues have arisen, we will triage your needs and expedite your appointment time accordingly.

Thank you for allowing us to partner in the care of your special family members!